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Ohio is known for its rapidly changing weather and cold winter months. As the seasons change and the nights become colder, we find ourselves searching for the nearest fireplace.

In order to face all that winter has to offer, it’s important to prepare for the upcoming season by making sure your furnace is functioning properly. Not only can a well-maintained furnace keep you warm, but it can save you money and energy on heating costs.

You want to be comfortable in your home, right? Below are a few signs that your furnace might need to be replaced.

Signs You Need A New Furnace

The color of your burner flame.

A color says a lot about a personality, and it also says a lot about your furnace. If your burner flame is yellow instead of blue, you may have a case of contamination on your hands. Yellow flames mean your fuel is not burning as clean as it should be. It’s vital to be heavily cautious of this warning sign.

Constant repair.

If you find yourself constantly calling a contractor for repair issues, it’s probably a sign your furnace is about to retire. Not only does this burn a hole in your wallet, but it creates constant aggravation.

Your heating bill increases.

As your furnace fades, it works harder to stay afloat. You definitely pay a price for this type of overtime.

At Hubbs Heating and Air, we work hard to keep the HVAC systems in homes of Ohio residents functioning efficiently and effectively. Furnace replacement and installation can have a significant impact on your living environment – good or bad. Let us help you. Call Hubbs Heating and Air today for all your furnace and maintenance needs.